#SameHere Influencers

Profile: Thomas Michael “pka” Hazey Eyes

Talented Musical Artist & Producer
Instagram: @hazeyeyesmusic
Facebook: /hazeyeyesmusic
Twitter: @hazeyeyesmusic

Why was it important for you specifically to get involved in The Global Mental Health Movement?
It’s important for me to get involved with the movement because I think mental health support is nonexistent in the music industry even though musicians and artists, in general, are prone to anxiety and depression. I believe in using my platform to raise awareness and help anyone in need, for I know personally, many people who are affected by it.

What do you hope The Movement will accomplish?
I hope that The movement will remove the stigma against mental health in the music industry and facilitate a safe discussion and environment for artists. Together, we can share our #SameHere stories and help each other.

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