#SameHere Influencers

Profile: Derek Hess

Legendary Artist with work featured at the Louvre to all the way to the Rock & Roll HOF
Instagram: @derekhess
Facebook: /derekhessart

Why was it important for you specifically to get involved in The Global Mental Health Movement?

I’ve been involved with my mental health for as long as I’ve been diagnosed, so being open about it to all seems like the natural thing to do.  Contributing to a larger global metal health movement helps me with my own disease and at the same time might help someone still struggling.

What do you hope The Movement will accomplish?

Hopefully the movement can help break down of the stigma and stereotypes related to mental health. You can see this is starting to happen on a global scale, the curtain that is being pulled back here in the states is starting to spread to other countries where it may still be a taboo.

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