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Alliance Profile – Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard

7-Time Olympic Medalist in US Swimming, Author of In the Water They Can’t See You Cry, Co-Founder Beard Swim Co.


What past life experiences, physical traumas or genetics do you believe have had an effect on your mental health?
Being an athlete and a perfectionist and pushing myself hard in the water and being very critical of myself in my sport.

How did the effects on your mental health appear in terms of symptoms?
Anxiety and depression I felt lost and unhappy.

When and why did you decide to ask for help to get relief?
I wanted to have a brighter healthier future and enjoy my life.

What methods helped you individually get/feel better?
Reaching out to friends and family to discuss what I was going through.

Why did you decide to go public with your story? Who were/are you hoping to help and how?
I feel like everyone struggles with different emotions in their lives and I wanted young athletes to know they were not alone.

How did people react when you went public with your story?
Everyone was extremely supportive of my decision and helped me navigate talking publicly about my struggles. #SameHere, it was nice to have those people in my corner, and this Alliance is here for you all as well.

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