This page is for our PGA TOUR family to meet the #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement Practitioner Alliance – consisting of world experts in STARR® (Stress & Trauma, Active Release & Rewiring) Exercises.

When we face challenging life events, to feel better, we must actually heal our Central Nervous Systems. Each expert’s profile below represents a unique STARR® Exercise, so that you may learn about the many options available to you. The best way to use this page is to first listen to the two brief video instructions below. Then, you can click on the “STARR-ting” Exercises for beginners – essentially stretches you can do from home. Once you are comfortable, start reading each expert’s bio to hear how STARR® Exercises that each of them champion, can positively affect our mental health. You can then check out their resource recommendations. Think of these exercises as collectively comprising a “Gym For Your Brain” with various exercise options.

Dealing with challenging life events and even burnout, and improving our mental health is not a “one-size-fits-all” process. However, by providing you with a list of exercises, you can research & choose the ones that work best for you or your family members. Many of these exercises can be done at home or while you are on tour, or in your hotels, but you can also look for practitioners in your area who offer them. There are many options to improve our physical health. Now with STARR®, you have many options to build mental health routines as well. By doing so, you will be less likely to turn to vices like substances to avoid emotional pain and discomfort you may be carrying. These exercises may also help improve performance on the course. 

Below the practitioners, you will find “STARR® Exercise Cards” which will step you through how to do each of these exercises, along with picture demonstrations and a video explanation. These cards and videos were customized for the PGA TOUR family. You may contact the founder of #SameHere Global, Eric Kussin (by email: eric@samehereglobal.org or by phone at 917-363-3872) directly, should you have any questions about these exercises and about building your own routine for mental wellness.

Watch These Videos to Get Started

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#SameHere Global Mental Health Movement Founder, Eric Kussin

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Super Bowl Champion and Mental Health Practitioner, Chukky Okobi

STARR® Expert Directory

Integrative Psychiatry

Richard Brown

Yoga For Mental Wellness

Amy Weintraub

Cognitive & Dialectical Behavioral Therapies (CBT & DBT)

Jennifer Hartstein

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Steven C. Hayes

Occupational Therapy & Neurobiology

Kim Barthel

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

David Berceli

Nutrition & The Brain/Gut Connection

Anita Nall Richesson


Johane Ligonde

Integrative Breathing Practices

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping)

Brad Yates

Neurophysics Therapy

Frank Cuiuli

Lifestyle Therapy & Genomics

Jennifer Stagg

Rewiring Emotional Pathways

Jackie Kelm

Qigong Meditation

Robert Peng

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Victoria Britt


Bill Solz

CES Alpha-Stim Therapy

Daniel Kirsch

Brain Training

Siegfried and Susan Othmer

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Laney Rosenzweig


Bonnie Kaplan

Mental and Emotional Release®

Chukky Okobi


Siri Chand Khalsa

Art Therapy

Juliet King


David Grand

RESET Therapy

George Lindenfeld

PGA TOUR's STARR® Exercise Cards and Demonstration Videos:

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