• Through a simple Excel or CSV file, you are able to upload a list to match each teacher (or school professional) with each of their students, so that these connections are preloaded into each app
  • Schools may choose for students to only be able to download the app to their school-issued devices
  • The privacy of all stakeholders in your school or district is important to us; all responses and communication that takes place on the app is pro-tected and we are COPPA and FERPA compliant
  • Communication is secure and only a teacher or school professional you assign, can view students’ responses – no student is able to view any other student’s responses
  • Teachers can request that students send their response as to where they are at on the scale, as frequently as they would like
  • Special features allow teachers to send the request to one, some, or all of their students at once; and teachers can choose (if they are comfort-able) sharing their own placement on the #SameHere Scale to their stu-dents, to facilitate more open communication
  • Students have the ability to respond with just their feeling, or with commentary related to their feeling
  • Students may also “safebox” their commentary – so that you can get students used to writing down how they are feeling, even before they are comfortable sharing it publicly with their teacher or school professional
  • A Chat feature in the app allows teachers and students to have a
    back-and-forth about any particular feeling or commentary shared
  • Teachers, school professionals (and even schools and districts) can track student response trends over time – both in the app, and more formally through a secured back-end website
  • #SameHere Scale Posters and FATHEAD are available by going to and clicking on SHOP in the navigation bar (search for educational tools)
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