Welcome to! Below please find some recommended steps you might want to take, in order, to best navigate this site. It is built as both a resource center for you to research important information, as well as a living/breathing destination for the mental health community, our Alliance Members, and Expert Practitioners to share information so that we can all learn to be the healthiest versions of ourselves.

Read all about We’re All A Little “Crazy’s” Global Mental Health Movement.  Why was this organization formed?  Who is involved and what people do we hope to help?  What can you gain by going through the site and learning more about the stories of others you can relate to?  Our global community needs to start opening up about our common life struggles. #SameHere

View the stories of all the members of the Celebrity Alliance who were open to saying “#SameHere, I’ve faced life’s challenges too, and I know that it’s had an effect on my mental health.” Read the stories that resonate most with you.  Just because they are celebrities, it doesn’t mean they are immune to the challenges we all face in life.  Check back as new Alliance members are added.

Check out daily #SameHere Hero stories.  These are the stories of everyday people, just like you, who have chosen to share their struggles and triumphs in the hopes of helping others.  Stories are added daily.  See which stories resonate the most with you, and help you find comfort in knowing that you are NOT the only one.  New #SameHere Hero Stories are added almost daily.

Discover a treatment, or set of treatments from our list of “TSRR” Practices, that work best for you.  TSRR stands for Trauma & Stress, Release & Rewiring.  Each of these practices has been scientifically shown to help release and rewire the stress and trauma in your body – the stuff that’s tangled up in your body & causing you any type of mental health complications (from lived experiences, or genetic predispositions). Each practitioner “champions” a unique practice so that you can learn more about each, and pick the one or few that work best for you, & make them part of a daily mental health routine.

Visit The “Initiatives” Page

Find out about the missions, goals, and initiatives of the Global Mental Health Movement.  You’ll learn about four main areas of focus: Students in School (K-12), Corporate Office Employees, Veterans, and Overall Mental Health Awareness/Stigma Breakdown. You can also find out more about the programs that have been built for each area of focus and how you can partner on programs designed for your group.


Be sure to also check out the “Blog” page for the latest in Mental Health current events and opinions.


We’re All A Little “Crazy“ is proud to have brought together a Global Mental Health Alliance. Within that group is the #SameHere Celebrity Alliance. Personalities from MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA/WNBA, MLS, Pro Boxing, Pro Volleyball, international sportsmen and women, announcers, actors, performers and musicians highlight the group. Click on their profiles to read their own personal #SameHere Hero stories, and to see which resonate most with you. Check back as we continue to add new Members!

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