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Practitioner Profile – Robert Peng: Qigong Meditation

Robert Peng

Qigong (pronounced: “chee gung”) Master

Founder of Elixir Light Qigong;  The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom, Book/CD/DVD Series

Robert’s Bio:
Robert Peng is the founder of Elixir Light Qigong. He began his Qigong apprenticeship with the legendary monk Xiao Yao when he was a boy. As part of his training, he did a hundred-day water fast in a dark, underground chamber. From this experience, Robert developed extraordinary spiritual powers and healing abilities. He teaches and lectures all over the world.

According to Robert, why Qigong works to improve mental health:

Qigong is a healing art that uses breathing, movement, and visualization to circulate Qi energy, the life force that regulates health and wellbeing. Everyone can benefit from Qigong, whether you are male or female, old or young, whether you are in good shape or want to improve your conditions, and no matter where you are from.  As long as you give it a try, you will start to get the health benefits shortly.

Qigong is from China with a history of more than 3,000 years. Through meditation and insightfulness, our ancestor of wisdom discovered the pathways of our life force in our bodies and when energy flows at different places in our bodies, it awakens areas that benefit us. We call those pathways: meridians.

“Qi” refers to the life force that animates all living beings and “gong” means cultivation or practice. “Qigong” is the cultivation of the life force.

As you refine your Qi energy and draw in more life force you feel more “alive” and deepen your connection to the people around you, to nature and the cosmos. The more Qi energy you circulate the healthier you feel and the more you can accomplish.

Peace and happiness are the twin goals of Qigong. Peace arises from deep stillness and happiness arises from the harmonious flow of vital energies. The seamless integration of peace and happiness is the mark of an accomplished Qigong practitioner.

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The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitalty, Love and Wisdom

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