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Practitioner Profile – Jackie Kelm: Rewiring Emotional Pathways

Jackie Kelm

The Joy Engineer

An Engineer by Trade, Jackie Studied Neuroscience, Using The Principles To Develop The Programs “Appreciative Living” and “Rewiring Emotional Pathways”

Jackie’s Bio:

Jackie Kelm has written several books and worked with thousands of people to help them “rewire their brains” through simple daily exercises to become truly happy long-term. Her latest program helps people with anhedonia, who have gone completely numb emotionally and have lost interest in everything they use to enjoy and everyone they used to love.

Jackie developed anhedonia herself in 2013 and was unable to find answers. So, she turned to neuroscience and her Appreciative Living expertise to create a brain training program that completely restored her ability to feel. She has since helped many others get their good feelings back (including Eric!) and now offers an online home study course.

According to Jackie, why Rewiring Emotional Pathways works to improve mental health:

Anhedonia, or what Jackie calls “emotional flatlining” causes a complete breakdown in the brain’s ability to produce positive feelings. A person with this condition cannot feel love, happiness, interest, caring, or any positive emotion, so life becomes meaningless and empty. This can happen from a variety of things including trauma, anxiety, inflammation, or drug side effects.  Jackie created a 15-minute daily brain training program done at home, through a series of instructional videos, that helps stimulate and re-awaken the feeling pathways in the brain. Many people have had success with the program in starting to feel again, and those who have continued over time have been able to regain their full range and depth of positive feelings. Jackie also founded Appreciative Living which uses the same neuroscience principles to help people create true and lasting joy in their lives.

Jackie’s Resource Recommendations:

websites:  To learn more about anhedonia or emotional flatlining and how Jackie overcome it. This is the program for Rewiring Emotional Pathways. To learn more about Appreciative Living and how to train your brain to be naturally happier.

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