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Practitioner Profile – Frank Cuiuli: NeuroPhysics Therapy

Frank Cuiuli

NeuroPhysics Therapist

Professional Martial Artist, Accomplished Businessman, Combining His Skill Sets To Help Others To Achieve Optimal Health

Frank’s Bio:

When it comes to “Flow Science” and using it to heal and drive peak performance, Frank Cuiuli is one of the world’s leading practitioners – hailing from Australia.

Frank has been tested in combat, business, and wellness. Having trained and competed for 30+ years as a professional martial artist at elite levels, and having built companies in the competitive High Tech sector, Frank brings years of acquired wisdom and successes to his role as a NeuroPhysics Therapist. He provides a unique real-world perspective and combination of skills that allow him to deliver results for his clients in a manner that is difficult to match.

According to Frank, why NeuroPhysics Therapy works to improve mental health:

NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) is a time‐tested method to improve overall wellbeing and even mild to severe health conditions, injuries, diseases, and disorders. It does this without adding medicine, surgery, or physical manipulation.  The therapy triggers the body’s natural health and repair processes. It works by using knowledge about how our nervous systems communicate throughout our brains and bodies.

NPT has consistently benefited people in clinical and non‐clinical settings because it treats the whole human system rather than isolating “trouble spots” that need ”fixing.” This uniquely natural, mild exercise therapy enables the body to do its healing work toward optimal physical and mental functioning, significantly improving people’s quality of life, often in a remarkably short time.  These exercises induce reactions in the body that allows patients to tap into areas where trauma may be stored and begin to release it naturally.

Each program begins with a comprehensive assessment with a Certified NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioner, during which the patient’s system is analyzed with a series of specific exercises on specialized equipment. This is done in short sessions over two to four days (depending on the patient’s needs). A session may be one and a half to two hours in duration. You can see and read more about the actual healing therapies in the links below.

Frank’s Resource Recommendations:

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