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Expert Profile - Amelia Villagomez

Dr. Amelia Villagomez

MD, Integrative Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona

She additionally serves as Co-Director of the University of Arizona Psychiatry Integrative Fellowship Program

Dr. Villagomez is certified in Mind-Body techniques, and trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Board Certified in General Psychiatry as well as Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Amelia Villagomez’s Bio:

Dr. Villagomez attended medical school at Texas A&M, completing her training in General Psychiatry at Yale, and did a fellowship in Child/Adolescent Psychiatry at Harvard. After completing her fellowship, she served as the Medical Director of the outpatient child/adolescent psychiatry clinic at the University of Arizona.  She then practiced child/adolescent psychiatry in Canada and worked in various settings (inpatient, outpatient, and ER). Currently, Dr. Villagomez has a private practice (findmindful.com) and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona where she trains residents, fellows, and faculty in Integrative Psychiatry. 

Amelia has always been interested in searching for tools to help people heal more holistically. To this end, she completed a fellowship in integrative medicine at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, is certified in Mind-Body techniques, and trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy.

Amelia takes an integrative approach and looks at the whole person, starting with a comprehensive and thorough evaluation. Integrative medicine is informed by evidence and makes use of complementary/alternative approaches when appropriate. Treatment plans may include mindfulness, dietary changes, vitamins, therapy, herbs, and supplements. 


Check back, as Dr. Amelia Villagomez will be answering the questions below, shortly.

What life events or challenges that you’ve experienced (could be minor, could be major) – whether you’ve experienced them directly or via someone close to you, have had any type of impact on your desire to pursue a career in psychiatry?


How did those events impact you emotionally/morally? How, if at all did those events impact the way you view how our current system teaches us to treat patients with mental health challenges?


When and why did you decide to actually focus on practicing Integrative Psychiatry, specifically, and how was your decision shaped by the experiences above?


What methods or practices do you utilize to help individuals get/feel better?


How did people react when you share this Integrative/Holistic approach with them – whether it be patients or other doctors?



Organization: Progressive Psychiatry
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Address: Virtual Practice (www.FindMindful.com)
Telephone: 682-200-1744
Fax: 682-478-5487
Website:  www.FindMindful.com


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