#SameHere Awareness Messaging

The Alliance Members championing our #SameHere Movement decided against using “mainstream” and sanitized messaging. Our group is real, raw, and transparent, and based on the #SameHere stories we’ve posted, you can see we tell it like it is. It’s our belief that we can’t continue with the same-old messaging that comes across as white noise to the masses, surrounding a topic where we need change and need more people on board. We have a major mental health epidemic in our world, and it’s not getting the attention it deserves, nor the resources necessary for that change to take places. Some of the themes you will see in our communication vehicles include concepts like: “Mental Health On a Continuum” as opposed to using the term “Mental Illness.” As an Alliance, we are moving away from using Mental Illness because we believe it can be divisive and create two distinct categories – sick ppl (the “mentally ill”), and everyone else who isn’t “sick.” Not wanting to be labeled as “sick” or “mentally ill” we believe drives people away from asking for help, and away from talking about their challenges, openly. There are absolutely mental health complications and disorders that develop over time, or that we are genetically predisposed to, and we take those terms and those topics very seriously. The treatment of We’re All A Little “Crazy” was chosen to make the topic of mental health – lighter and more approachable, as opposed to taboo. It’s an all-inclusive way of looking at mental health. Life affects us all, and no one is immune (regardless of our accolades or Logostanding). “Crazy” is used in quotes and with a creative treatment in the logo so as to imply it’s OUR UNIQUE interpretation of crazy…and we are reclaiming the word, because there really is no such thing as a universal “normal.” If we can drive this home, across cultures, more people will be open to looking for signs in themselves and others, and more people will be willing to ask for and get the help they need, before intense complications or disorders arise.

#SameHere is an easy to replicate ASL hand sign that communicates an important message as it pertains to mental health: “I get you.  I’ve been through one or some of the many life challenges out there as well.  Therefore, we share a bond and I have your back.”  It’s a vital part of our Movement, and how we plan to unite people from all over the world around common struggles and battles.  It’s so important to us, which is why you see every member of our Celebrity, Expert, Influencer, and Advocate Alliances making the sign on our site…and you will continue to see the sign and hashtag used in their social media communications.  We hope you will do the same – communicating with us, and each other.

Within We’re All A Little “Crazy,” is a Global Mental Health Alliance and we are banding together because – while individual celebrity stories help to start the conversation –  a strong Alliance with consistent messaging is what we believe is NEEDED to make the profound and lasting change that is necessary. This #SameHere Movement, and The Alliance supporting it, is more important than any one person and we welcome you and others to join us.  You will soon hear about a documentary being made about the formation of The Alliance and The Movement.

If you believe in our messaging and our efforts, please click on the link below and consider donating to our programs to help change the global conversation. We thank you more than you know!

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