Rodney Wallace and Taking Control Of Your Future

Spent some time today with our documentary producer, & a great guy he is working on a separate documentary with, Rodney Wallace.


Rodney is a former 1st round pick in the MLS, 6th overall, who has played 11 seasons in the League & won an MLS Cup.


He’s currently on Sporting KC, but he’s been in NY the last week+ after just having had surgery to repair his hip at Hospital for Special Surgery.


The surgeon who performed the operation on Rodney’s hip has never performed it on a pro soccer player before. This makes it a risk (at least as it would be seen by anyone else), as there is a chance that the surgery could mean the end of Rodney’s soccer playing career. However, the pain is/was so bad, he had no choice.


Now here’s the really fascinating part. Rodney doesn’t see it as a risk at all – & he said as much in his voice-over taped today. Instead he has plans for his post playing-days career, & he said no matter which of the few avenues he has in mind, he chooses to go down next, he’s going to crush it.  So he sees the surgery as something that’s necessary to deal with the pain…something that may allow him to continue his career on the field…or something that may cause him to explore other opportunities he’s just as excited about.


Imagine being able to be at peace & having that balanced a perspective about ANY outcome that comes your way.  That’s why I’m excited that we’ll have more to announce on ways in which we will be working with Rodney & collaborating around his story & brave attitude.  This is a guy who is willing to be VULNERABLE. Can’t wait for you all to get to know him.

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